Oktober 2008

E-Mail von Sister Bernada

Am Ende der Ferien erhielten wir folgende e-mail von Sister Bernada, der Schulleiterin der Narumu-Secondary-School. Sie nimmt darin Bezug auf den Besuch von Ingo Koll, einem Kollegen des Gymnasiums Süd, der während der Herbstferien in Tansania war und u. a. auch unsere Partnerschule besucht hat, um die Grüße der RS Süd zu überbringen.  


Dear Jürgen Kotisa,

Thank you very much for your Email of October 12th 2008. We thank for the visit of Ingo Koll on the October 20th which  had greetings from Realschule Sud and letters inclosing photos by Ingrid to Narumu Secondary School.

Mr. Koll succeeded to alert us of his arrival at Moshi through mobile and we in time met him in the town and took him to our school where he stayed for a while and the back to Moshi for the night. When at Narumu Secondary School he took up some few photographs but unfortunately it was getting dark in the evening which I hope limited much the executrices of photographing.

Sometimes it will need us to photo on notable areas and send to you copies to show to the parents of Realschule Sud. Mr. Koll took photos of students when in songs and ngomas (dances) in the Laboratory Library and of the on going built house for teachers which is on the issue to the amount of money you are on way to transfer to us at the end of this October.

We are now in the end of the 2008 academic year. The National form four examinations are winding up on the 27th October. Our school end of year Examinations to the other classes commences on the 30th October to wind up at 14th November. There after we will have a long holiday to cover in the Christmas and new year 2009 and begin a new academic year on the January 12th 2009.

When the amount of the money is transfferred to our Beneficiary CRDB at Moshi we will spend it as you have been told previously on the completion of teacher's building to meet our urge of accommodating teachers in it.

We give our thanks to your idea of considering our partnership into your National currucula in the multicultural parameter. Of course there may come a time when you will need  contibutions of information on our culture in your school multicultural parameter integration, may it be so, kindly alert us to do so.

I am happy to tell you that we all in school are well and we are together in modelling and modifying the school environment, climate and academic achievements.

Your friend Mr. January Chami, all friends and others are well. They all forward their sincere greetings to you and to all your colleagues and students in the school and Buxtehude.May God bless you all.

My sincere greetings to you all. Yours sincerely, Sr. Bernarda Moshi